Monday, July 11, 2011

A Near Heart-Stopping Adventure!

Flat Jenny took a bit of a hiatus so that Meggen could go on a backpacking trip and to girl's camp.  But, she is back at running again and gearing up for her next big half marathon in August!

Flat Jenny had a near heart-stopping experience the other morning while running.  She, Meggen, and Mack went out for a very early morning run---early enough that it was not yet light.  In addition to the dark, there was a considerable amount of fog in the low lying areas along the Jordan River.  At times, Flat Jenny and friends could only see a few feet ahead as they ran.  Although they were on a familiar and well-loved trail, everything looked so foreign and shifty in the foggy dimness.  Consequently, they were all feeling a little jumpy and on edge.  But, Mack was there for protection, right?  Right.

After about 2 miles the trail made a considerable bend.  On one side was the Jordan River and on the other pastures.  As Flat Jenny, Meggen, and Mack made the bend in the trail . . . looming out of the dark and the fog in front of them was a huge, creepy, skeletal face!  It was terrifying!  Meggen jumped, screamed, and ran her heart out to get away.  Mack and Flat Jenny did not object one whit to the swift flight!  None of them had any idea what they had just encountered and were not about to take the time to find out!

After Meggen had put considerable distance between the skeletal face and the runners, she slowed enough to let her pounding heart return to normal and her spinning thoughts enough time to truly consider the question, "What WAS that thing?"  After some significant pondering, Meggen realized that the face had belonged to a horse!  But what kind of horse?  A ghost horse?  That is certainly what it looked like!

Although the mystery had tentatively been solved, Flat Jenny and friends were not eager to encounter the ghost horse again in the dark and the fog, so they took a longer, less adventurous, less scenic route home---thus avoiding any additional supernatural visitations.  ;o)

Several days after the terrifying ghost horse encounter, Flat Jenny convinced Meggen to take the route again (this time in daylight!) to see if they could come to a more definitive conclusion as to what they had stumbled upon in the dark and the fog.  And, here is what they found . . . .
Yes, it WAS a horse!  No, it was NOT a ghost!  But, was it's face indeed very creepy and skeletal looking???  DEFINITELY!!!  (If you put yourself in Flat Jenny and Meggen's place . . . darkness, fog, feeling a little on edge . . . and then you see THAT FACE come out of the gloom toward you---what would YOU have done?!  What would YOU have thought?!)

Mystery solved.  But, I don't think Flat Jenny or Meggen will ever be able to see that horse again and feel truly at ease.  The memory of their dark, foggy, spooky encounter is fresh enough to keep them at a healthy distance from any and all horses that look the least bit ghostly.

On a brighter note, Flat Jenny did enjoy the beautiful blue wild flowers blooming just outside the ghost horse's fence.  These were definitely NOT noticed or appreciated the first time around (in the fog) but helped cheer Flat Jenny considerably at her next visit.  After all, even a ghost horse can't be all that bad if he lets flowers like these grow nearby!  ;o)

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