Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1st Place!

Along with about 50 others, Flat Jenny competed in the Jordan Willows 2nd Ward's first annual 5K.  It was a HOT day for a race, but Flat Jenny can do hard things, so she was undaunted!  This is the only picture of the day because she was just too busy running her heart out to make time for additional photo-ops.
Flat Jenny ran hard and her spirits were good.  She chatted with other runners along on the way and enjoyed the scenery of the Jordan River Trail.  She gave encouragement to those who were struggling and many people were interested to learn Flat Jenny's story too.  In many ways, Flat Jenny was the "talk of the town" that day!  That's just the way she is---she turns heads everywhere because she's just so amazing!

Because of the extreme heat, there came a time in the race that a lot of the less experienced runners were tired and starting to walk.  But, that's just not how Flat Jenny rolls.  She doesn't quit.  She doesn't give in to weakness or discouragement.  She is what Meggen likes to call a "Faithful Plodder"---meaning she may not be super fast or flashy, but she IS steady and determined!  She just keeps putting one foot in front of the other, always moving forward.

So, what did all that steadiness and determination get Flat Jenny, you may ask?  Well, out of all the female competitors, it earned her first place (well, tied for 1st, actually)!  (And, it earned Meggen a new personal record for her best time ever in a 5K!)  Not too shabby, Flat Jenny, not too shabby!