What is the Flat Jenny Project?

The Flat Jenny Project is an opportunity for all of us who care about Jenny to do something to brighten her spirits and help her feel loved. Here's the drill:
  1. Download a Flat Jenny template and personalize it.
  2. Wherever you go, take Flat Jenny along for adventures.  This will allow our friend Jenny to experience all kinds of new, exciting, amazing, or ordinary adventures vicariously while she allows her body to heal and overcome the affects of cancer.
  3. This project will be especially meaningful if you are a runner. Since Jenny cannot currently train for or run marathons, this is a way for her to experience these things with Flat Jenny as her proxy.  Take Flat Jenny along with you on your runs.  Try new trails.  Push yourself with new challenges and distances.  Enter a race and take Flat Jenny along for the experience---beginning to end!  Cross the finish-line with Flat Jenny by your side!
  4. You need not be a runner to participate in the Flat Jenny Project.  No matter how you decide to participate in the Flat Jenny Project just have fun with it, be creative, and remember that Jenny will look forward to seeing the results of this project in the coming months.
  5. Lastly, PLEASE email mileage updates, pictures, and descriptions of your Flat Jenny Adventures to flatjennyprojectATgmailDOTcom so they can be posted on this blog for Jenny and all her friends to enjoy!  (Or better yet, request to be made an author on this blog and post your Flat Jenny adventures personally!)