Saturday, June 25, 2011

Utah Valley Half Marathon

FLAT JENNY DID IT!!! She finished the Utah Valley Half Marathon and it was AWESOME!!! It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT day for a race! Standing at the starting line was a time of excitement and anticipation. Flat Jenny knew she was ready and that she was going to come out flying!
The run down Provo Canyon was spectacular and every step of the way Flat Jenny felt happy, strong, and confident! She started with a comfortable pace and stayed steady all the way.

There were so many people cheering and supporting all the racers. Flat Jenny was so grateful for the love and support she felt from people. Even complete strangers cheered her on and lifted her spirits. It made Meggen and Flat Jenny think about something Sister Ardeth G. Kapp, former YW General President said, "The heavenly grandstands are cheering!" For, not only could Meggen and Flat Jenny hear and feel the cheers and love of the crowd along the race course, but they could also feel and hear (with their spiritual senses) the cheers and love of so many angelic, heavenly supporters in heavenly grandstands! It was incredible!

There were some funny sights along the way that made Flat Jenny chuckle. George Clooney stopped by the aid station at mile 10 to give Flat Jenny a high 5 and wish her well. Although it meant adding a little time to her race, she was not shy about asking for a photograph! ;o) Now Flat Jenny is famous!
Flat Jenny crossed the finish line after having run at an easy 2 hours 11 minute pace! She felt strong and happy the entire way and knew that she had accomplished something great! She made lots of friends along the way and felt grateful for all the love and support she has felt over the last 4 months of training.
Flat Jenny is proud to show off her finisher's medal! What a great day!!! More races lie ahead, but for now she is happy to bask in the glow of a job well done!

This race was easy compared to what our real friend Jenny is going through. But, Jenny, if there is anything Flat Jenny and I have learned through this it is that when it seems you can't go one more step, somewhere deep inside you will find that you can. For, you are not left to do it on your own. Just as Meggen carried Flat Jenny every step of the way on this journey, so Someone WILL carry and IS carrying YOU every step of the way.

And Jenny, like your alter-ego Flat Jenny, YOU are a FINISHER and a FIGHTER! Don't give up, friend! You are not alone!


  1. Flat Jenny is pretty darn cool, but 3D Jenny is a superstar. Congrats on the race and for keeping JR running strong this summer.

  2. congratulations on an awesome job!!! I love the parallels and applications you made to Jenny's real situation and hope your comments will give her strength!