Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Opposition Will NOT Conquer Flat Jenny!

This morning Flat Jenny, Meggen, and Mack went out for a run on the Jordan River Trail. They were planning on going 5 miles and had the course all mapped out in their minds before they began. However, less than 1/4 of a mile into the run they discovered that the tunnel under Lehi Main Street had flooded making it completely impassable! The water was at least 10 feet deep! Of course, they could have gone for a swim, but none of them were feeling that adventurous today.

So, they turned around and decided to go North instead. After 2 miles, they discovered a chain link fence and this sign covering the path . . .

It seems that fate was against them today, trying to break their will and their determination. However, as is the case with Flat Jenny, she knew they could make the best of the situation, be successful, and find enjoyment---come what may. She suggested they just make a loop instead of a straight out run. They could still get their miles in and could salvage the day. So, that's exactly what they did!

Here is one of Flat Jenny's favorite places on the trail---the top of a hill that feels like you are on top of the world! She loves the great views of the mountains and valley all around.
Flat Jenny also really enjoyed seeing how full the Jordan River is right now. With all the rain and heavy snow we've had in UT this year, this river might cause some flooding really soon! (In addition to the tunnel under Main Street, that is.)
Flat Jenny noticed there were some cute calves next to the trail that were about the same size as Mack. She told Mack he should stop and look at them for a few minutes. Maybe they could become friends?!
Mack and Flat Jenny were very happy when they returned to the car. They'd had a great run despite the obstacles. Running makes for happy days! ;o) Keep up the great work, Flat Jenny. There are only 10 days until the Utah Valley Half Marathon!

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