Friday, May 27, 2011

Walk on the Ocean City, MD Boardwalk

This past week Flat Jenny journeyed to Ocean City, MD for a quick trip. She had a great time getting away from everything. Ocean City wasn't too busy, and the weather was sunny and beautiful. Flat Jenny took a walk up and down 14 blocks of the Boardwalk. Flat Jenny noticed that lots of stores were preparing their business for the upcoming season. She saw lots of families and couples walking along the Boardwalk as well. In one fun observation, she saw two seagulls hovering over the Boardwalk reject an upside down vanilla cookie - they looked at it, smelled it and flew away! Flat Jenny also visited a small museum and splashed in the ocean!

Here are some of the moments captured via pictures:

Before going on the walk, Flat Jenny took her picture with "Captain Hook" at a local restaurant. As an aside, while snapping this picture, there were several what appeared to be "ROMEO'S" (Retired Old Men Eating Out) at a booth adjacent to the Captain Hook statue. One of the men told Nita while pointing to his friend, "if you want a real pirate, he's one". Nita looked at the man's friend and the man said "Arghh!", and then both men smiled and laughed. Silly men!

Captain Hook:

Flat Jenny walked 14 blocks down the boardwalk and enjoyed the sights and sounds. She decided to visit the Ocean City Lifesaving Museum, a small museum at the south end of the boardwalk. This museum is dedicated to honoring those who have saved lives of people lost out at sea and displays various beach memorabilia as well.

Here is a picture of Flat Jenny with this rescue device, a buoy that would save stranded sailors. The person being resucued would sit in it and be pulled to safety. Apparently it was an extremely grueling rescue process for both the rescuer and rescuee! (sorry for the blurry picture cue to camera challenges)

Flat Jenny couldn't resist taking this picture with "Laughing Sal" a tall lady who was part of circus type show entertainment decades ago! She was known for her entertaining laugh though some thought it annoying!

(check this link to see what you think about her laugh! This is one of her laughing sisters from a museum in San Francisco!)

Flat Jenny had fun in one of the rooms with a variety of old fashioned bathing suits. She took several picture in that room!

Flat Jenny with this man's 1930 wool bathing suit. It belonged to a man named William A. Gibbs who lived in Ocean City, MD. His wife Virginia B. Gibbs donated it!

Flat Jenny also liked this cheerful flower bathing suit. It was from 1942- Captain Thomas Bowden sent it to his wife, Vashti, from Hawaii, where he was stationed during WW2. Flat Jenny thought that was sweet and romantic!

Finally Flat Jenny checked out the Mermaid Room, yep, she discovered a small room filled with Mermaid decorations! As Jenny is a quilter, she loved this atttractive Mermaid quilt. Here is part of the quilt:

Flat Jenny decided to jump on the quilt!

Enough of museums! It was such a beautiful day and Flat Jenny was ready to go outside. Outside a Ripley's Believe It or Not, Flat Jenny noticed a huge tire! Flat Jenny wasn't sure what type of vehicle would have such a gigantic tire.

Here is a far away shot of Flat Jenny climbing the tire:
and here is a close up shot:

Flat Jenny wanted to end the walk by jumping in the ocean! She thought it would be fun to splash in the ocean and go wave hopping! Enjoy!

Flat Jenny loved the refreshing ocean waves!

Looks like Flat Jenny will need a new outfit as the marker on this one is now smeared!

Flat Jenny wanted to sit in the sand for a moment, hope you like the sea shell she found!
Flat Jenny decided to take a final jump in the ocean to rinse off the sand!

The vastness of the ocean and the grains of sand made Flat Jenny think of and remember how much Heavenly Father loves Jenny! His love is so great for Jenny and everyone!

Goodbye ocean til next time! Fun Times!

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